A safe, therapeutic and fun way to get the sweet satisfaction of revenge without the carnage.

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The Official Snout A Pig game includes, (1) Pig Board , (1) First Place Pig Blue Ribbon, (1) Instruction booklet, (1) Sheet of captions, (1) Pack of 20 Snout Pegs.

About Us

Once upon a time, I realized that not only did I have too many PIGS in my life, so did many of my friends, friends of friends, and relatives. Some of them wanted revenge on these PIGS, and some of their methods were a bit destructive: flattening tires….

Party Preparation

To make a drink extra Piggy, soak a curly twist of lemon or orange peel in pomegranate juice. For minors, omit alcohol.

Piggy Cocktails

* Pig Tail – Ham Hock’s Signature Drink
* Mud Slides
* Pig-o-Politan
* Piggy Colata
* Pig-a-Tini

Piggylicious Food

Deliciousness! Need some ideas for your Pig Board party? Try these dishes out. WARNING: THESE IMAGES ARE MOUTH WATERING.

"You can even snout items such as pork barrel spending in congress. What better place to put "congressional pork" than on the pig board."